Message from Pastor Jola and Safety

We have formed a Safety Team to plan for reopening our sanctuary. We will be training greeters and ushers, as well as marking standing and seating spaces. We have ordered supplies for distribution. A letter will be going out this week, detailing the Fresno County Health Dept. and CDC’s required safety accommodations. We hope to be able to open before or by mid-July. We are currently still restricted from entering ANY buildings on the church property’s until they have been fully sanitized. The ONLY exception is entrance through the Narthex to enter the church office for counters, financial secretary and paying the bills. If we cannot comply with this we will not be allowed to reopen for worship.

Church Service

You can access KUMC church service on the internet at Zoom at 10am Sundays: Meeting ID 360 175 449; Password, 381650. If you need help call Dan. Later in the week it will be on YouTube, Facebook and the church’s web site: www.kermanumc.org

Bible Study

Pastor Jola is hosting 2 bible studies, Mondays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 1pm. Mark your calendar. On Zoom, Meeting ID: 828 0914 3468; Password: 017079. On your cell phone: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82809143468?pwd=ZFhRZ0c5ZXZhcTQrdUVxZEFwa1RnQT09 Call Dan if you need help.

Church Bills

Thank you to all of you who have been sending your donations to the church. The bills of the church have to be paid regardless of activities being cancelled. Please mail your donation to the church or deposit them on line. (See On Line Donating below)

On Line Donating

Thanks to all who have been making donations online. Would you like to make your donations to the church on line? Your bank website find the bill pay through Zelle. Set up an account per instructions of your bank. Where it asks for the phone or email or the recipient enter finance@KermanUMC.org. or finance@kermanumc.org Follow your normal bill pay procedures and select pay with Zelle. Select the account you specified. Your name and donation will be listed on the Church’s bank statement therefore the Financial Secretary will be able to record your giving on your giving record.

Kerman Community Food Bank

Help is needed to sort and stock food on Thursdays at 10am. KUMC is now overseeing the Food Bank. They are located at 14660 W. D, Kerman. When at the grocery store pick up a few of the following items for the Food Bank. They are in need of: Hispanic related foods, spam, canned fruit, tuna, & Jiffy mix. Items may be dropped off at the food bank Thursdays 9:30am-11am. Monetary donations are always welcome as fresh food items are purchased weekly. Make check payable to Kerman Community Food Bank and mail to the church or drop it off at the Food Bank.

Doors, Lights, Heaters

There has been doors unlocked, lights on, and heaters on when no one is at the church. Please double check that you have turned off everything you turned on. Also double check that the doors are shut tight. Make a tour of the grounds that everything is secured.


I’m sure many of you are shopping online. Don‘t forget to go to Amazon Smile, put Kerman United Methodist Church as your charity. The Church will get 1/2% of your purchase. Amazon Smile is the same at Amazon.

What to help those in need

The church has a fund supported by donations from individuals to help those in need. It is called “Discretionary Fund”. The pastor oversees the fund and it is at her discretion to decide if she feels an individual should be helped. The Fund is very low at this time, donations are needed.

Poverello House & Marjaree Mason Center Donations

If you have items that can be used at the Poverello House & Marjaree Mason Center please drop them off at the church. Vic Maggi will deliver them.



The Bland’s – good news from Physicians

Dan Fought’s Father – released from hospital

Pablo & Mayzie Chavez – expecting twins

Prayer Concerns

Family of Tim Bowen – Tim passed away

Irma Montalvo – knee surgery

Sue Bowen – broken ankle

Steven Castro Family – (Maribel’s brother) passed away

Coronavirus – peace and comfort to all concerned about the virus. Be cautious and considerate of others.

Kerman Community Food Bank – be able to supply families with a needed food supply.

Margarito Guzman Family – Passed away

Peace throughout the world

Growing Young Cohort Team

Those in Hardship

Meyer Moore – Leukemia

Carolyn Thompson – having breathing problems from

Rev. Jola Bortner, Pastor

209 483-0385

Pastor Jola: pastor@kermanumc.org