Kerman United Methodist Church Enews

November 27, 2020

Outdoor Worship Service

During worship this past Sunday, Pastor Jola asked us to be grateful for something every day. Today, this is what I am grateful for: We have heard from Debra Brady, our District Superintendent. Our protocol to worship in our vehicles from our parking lot has been approved! At her request, we only had to make one change. We will not be allowed to open the restroom at this time. Other than that, we are good to go.

We would now like your input as to when we should begin our outdoor service. Would you like to start in mid-December, wait until the beginning of the year, what would you like to suggest? You can call the church and leave a voice message, (559) 846-8686.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Denise Curtis, Chairperson Committee to Reopen


Zoom access to KUMC worship

KUMC Worship 10am Sundays, with Pastor Jola; hosted by Dan Fought. Meeting ID 836 4231 1789; Password, 101986; or click on: https://us02web.zoom.us/i/828914368?pwd=ZFhRZOc5ZXZhcTQrdUVxZEFwa1RnQT09

Zoom access to KUMC small groups and studies

Bible Study with Pastor Jola:

7-8:30pm on Mondays, hosted by Dan Fought.

Meeting ID: 828 0914 3468 Password: 017079

1-2:30pm Wednesday, hosted by Dan Fought:

Meeting ID: 828 0914 3468 Password: 017079

No Men’s Group for now…

Ladies’ Study Group, is taking a brake until January

Charge Conference

Our annual Charge Conference will be held by Zoom on Sunday afternoon, December 13, at 1:00 PM. We will publish the link in the Enews to be published the week of December 6. We are working to fill leadership positions in a new and pared down structure. Please let Pastor Jola know if you are willing to serve. The meeting will include:

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Call to Order, Scripture, Opening Prayer

3. Wesleyan House Meeting – DS facilitates

4. Membership Report

5. Approval of 2021 Clergy Compensation

6. Election of Church Leaders

7. Certification for Candidates for Ministry and Lay Servants, Lay Speakers

8. Benediction & Adjournment

The Charge Conference will be preceded by the annual meeting of the SPRC and the District Superintendent and followed by a meeting of the District Superintendent and Pastor Jola.

Prayers of Joy and Concern

A good harvest

This day of life!

Pastor Jola – shoulder pain from previous surgery

Lynn Moore – shoulder surgery

Students, Teachers, Parents, Staff – in distance learning

Meyer Moore – named lymphoma and leukemia “boy of the year:” Look for him on local billboards soon!

Pat Mechelke, diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She is on new medications, “feeling fine,” appreciating Fred and their daughters, and learning to live with it!

Judy Portilla – recovering from multiple strokes

Wildfire Fire Fighters, Victims and Evacuees

Irma and Steven Montalvo – joyful and expectant of their next blessings, including Irma’s knee surgery.

All who are grieving deaths of loved ones

All affected by Coronavirus – health, peace, and comfort, income, and support

For those working on COVID-19 in testing and treatment, especially health care workers

Peace and Justice throughout the world

For those suffering hardships of any kind

For our KUMC elders, sheltered in place

Kerman United Methodist Church Finances

Thank you to all of you who have been sending your donations to the church. We are making ends meet. Please send your donation to the church or deposit it on line.

We will be e-mailing and mailing Commitment Cards next week. Please prayerfully consider your ministry commitments for the next year, COVID-19 or not!


On-Line Donating

Thanks to all who have been making donations on-line. Would you like to make your donations to the church on-line? Go to your bank website, find the bill pay. Set up an account per instructions of your bank. Name the recipient: finance@KermanUMC.org. Or finance@kermanumc.org.

Your name and donation amount will be listed on the Church’s bank statement; therefore the Financial Secretary will be able to record your giving on your giving record.

Loving our Neighbors & Helping Those in Need

Wildfire Response Funds

Donations to aid wildfire victims and responders can be made through Kerman United Methodist Church and marked

California-Nevada Disaster Relief Fund


UMCOR Fire Relief Fund

Annual Conference Offering

“Sheltering in Love UMCOR COVID-19 Response Fund”

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

A way for us to help beyond KUMC, when and where we have no budget, this designated fund can be accessed by the pastor and at the pastor’s discretion. It has been used for emergency food, gasoline to get people to family or safety, to prevent shut-off of utilities, to make co-pays for medication; and, always in situations that are verified and that prevent drastic responses. Donations to this fund can be sent to KUMC and marked, “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund”.

Kerman Community Food Bank (KCFB)

KCFB continues to open for assistance to those in need on Thursdays 10am-12pm. NOTE: Since Christmas Eve is Thur. 12/24, it will be open TUESDAY 12/22.

Food donations are always welcome, especially Hispanic-related foods, spam, canned fruit, tuna, and baking mix, they can be dropped off at the KCFB, 14660 W. D St., 9:30-10am on Thursdays.

Cash donations are also welcome as fresh food items are purchased weekly. Make checks payable to Kerman Community Food Bank and drop them off at the food bank or mail them to:

Kerman Community Food Bank

P.O. Box 438

Kerman, CA 93630

Time and Talent Volunteers: Join our faithful KCFB workers helping to feed God’s children by volunteering at KCFB, 14660 W. D Street, 9:30am-12pm on Thursdays.

Kerman United Methodist Church

3095 N Madera Ave.

Kerman, CA 93630

(559) 846-8686

Web site: www.kermanumc.org

Church e-mail: office@kermanumc.org