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February 19, 2021

Janitor, Joel Soto

I would like to acknowledge our janitor, Joel Soto. We have had a contract with Joel for quite a while to clean and sanitize the office and bathroom off the narthex, and the Sheriff’s bathroom off the kitchen. He does a wonderful job keeping these areas ready for use. He has also cleaned the Sanctuary a few times at no charge to us. He just feels it needs to be done occasionally so things don’t get out of control. He intends to clean the Fireside Hall occasionally for the same reason. So include Joel in your prayers as a thank you for being such a kind and giving person.

Thank you, Joel, Denise Curtis

Charge Conference

We will have a charge conference on Saturday, February 20, at 1 PM for the purposes of:

1. Establishing a transitional leadership structure for 2021;

2. Setting the compensation package for our pastor.

You can join the meeting at are regular worship zoom site: Meeting 828 0914 3468; Password 101986; or click on


Zoom access to KUMC worship

KUMC Worship 10am Sundays, with Pastor Jola; hosted by Dan Fought. Meeting ID 836 4231 1789; Password, 101986; or click on: https://us02web.zoom.us/i/828914368?pwd=ZFhRZOc5ZXZhcTQrdUVxZEFwa1RnQT09

YouTube Worship

If it is more convent for you to watch Sunday’s service later in the week you can do so on YouTube. Go to the YouTube web site. Type in Kerman United Methodist Church. Tap the Sunday you would like to watch.

Zoom access to KUMC Bible Study with Pastor Jola

1-2:30pm Wednesday, hosted by Dan Fought:

Meeting ID: 828 0914 3468 Password: 017079

Pictures of the church

If you have a favorite picture of the church, in or out doors, send it to Dan Fought at dfought1@gmail.com. He will post it on the YouTube web site.

Kerman United Methodist Church Finances

Thank you to all of you who have been sending your donations to the church. We are blessed with God’s presence. The church facilities expenses need to be met. Please send your donation to the church or deposit it online.


On-Line Donating

Thanks to all who have been making donations on-line. Would you like to make your donations to the church on-line? Go to your bank website, find the bill pay. Set up an account per instructions of your bank. Name the recipient: finance@KermanUMC.org. Or finance@kermanumc.org.

Your name and donation amount will be listed on the Church’s bank statement; therefore the Financial Secretary will be able to record your giving on your giving record.

Prayers of Joy and Concern

Christal & Carlos – expecting

This day of life!

Joy being employed, passing test for advancement, good interview

Phillip Bowen, Jerry Steffen, Curtis (Lynn Moore’s brother-in-law), Ann health issues

All who are grieving deaths of loved ones

Gonzales family

All affected by Coronavirus – health, peace, comfort, income, and support

For those working on COVID-19 in testing and treatment, especially health care workers

Those who see no reason to isolate.

For our KUMC elders, sheltered in place and having health problems: Helen Moore

Our Country and World – covid & kayos

Bottle Caps Needed

Marilyn Felker is in need of 1200 bottle caps, the size of milk bottle caps: any color, any brand as game pieces. She has made 50 games for needy children in Mendota as Christmas gifts. Start collecting NOW.

Egg Cartons

Please save your empty egg cartons. The Food Band is in need to them to use to divide egg flats. Email Dan Fought dfought1@gmail.com to make arrangements to turn them in.

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

This designated fund can be accessed by the pastor and at the pastor’s discretion. It is used for emergency relief to family in need. Donations to this fund can be sent to KUMC and marked, “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund”.

Kerman Community Food Bank (KCFB)

KCFB continues to open for assistance to those in need on Thursdays 10am-12pm. Hispanic-related foods, spam, canned fruit, tuna, and baking mix, they can be dropped off at the KCFB, 14660 W. D St., 9:30-10am on Thursdays.

Cash donations are also welcome as fresh food items are purchased weekly. Make checks payable to Kerman Community Food Bank and drop them off at the food bank or mail them to:

Kerman Community Food Bank

P.O. Box 438

Kerman, CA 93630

Time and Talent Volunteers: Join our faithful KCFB workers helping to feed God’s children by volunteering at KCFB, 14660 W. D Street, 9:30am-12pm on Thursdays.

Kerman United Methodist Church

3095 N Madera Ave.

Kerman, CA 93630

(559) 846-8686

Web site: www.kermanumc.org

Church e-mail: office@kermanumc.org

Rev. Jola Bortner, Pastor

(209) 483-0385

Email: pastor@kermanumc.org

Weekly Worship Service

Sundays at 10am – Worship Service live-streamed via Zoom

(see article above “Worship”)

Invite someone to zoom into our Worship or Bible Study!

Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of the United Methodist Church

(including Kerman United Methodist Church)

“To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”

Kerman UMC Vision Statement

Kerman United Methodist Church will:

REACH – Unchurched people

TEACH – Believers to fully love Jesus

MEND – Broken lives

SEND – Disciples into ministry

Kerman UMC Motto

“To Know Christ and Make Him Known”

We strive to be

“The People Loving Place.

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